Seishinkan training
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My name is Hazel, Tsang Tsz Yau. In the past summer holiday, I took a karate lesson in Tokyo 聖心館 Dojo on August 30, 2016. My instructor was Nakao Sensei.

Firstly we bowed in at the beginning of the class and I introduced myself to everyone. Then we started with warm-up exercises in which we were required to do the basic techniques repeatedly. In the Kata training, we had to move each step in response to Sensei’s rhythm and everyone there was closely focused on all the instructions.

After that, we put on the full gear for Kumite training. All the kids in this dojo had good techniques with rapid and accurate response. They were all very powerful, so I had to pay full attention for every fight.

Before the class, I was so nervous as I knew that there were many new faces. However, my fright disappeared after the training. I found that they are so welcoming and friendly. At the same time, all students in the dojo were good fighting partners with serious attitudes and focus. I am so thankful to have teachings from Nakao Sensei. She is an awesome teacher who enriches my karate knowledge. I hope I could meet Nakao Sensei and her students in the near future.
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